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Knives for sale:

Last update: 01/2019:
Shigefusa Kasumi Unagisaki, 210mm$599Link
Shigefusa Kasumi Tomoe-Kuri-Kogatana, 200mm$449Link

Features Knife:

Shigefusa Kasumi Tomoe Kuri Kogatana

Shigefusa Kasumi Tomoe Kuri Kogatana

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Stones For Sale:

Ohira Renge Suita Koppa Lv3.5$210Link
Nakayama Kiita Lv3.5 $275Link
Nakayama Asagi $275Link
Hideriyama Uroko Lv3 $860Link
Natsuya Lv3.5 $250Link
Nakayama Maruichi Kamisori San Lv4+$230Link

Featured Stone:

Ohira Renge Suita Koppa Lv3.5

Ohira Renge Suita Lv3