Sample Size Facts
Time period:
June 2011 – June 2018
Recorded Sales:
Total sales value:
$288.000 USD
Highest price:
Kitaeji Hamokiri, $2308 (2013)
Lowest price:
Kurouchi petty, $150 (2012)
Kasumi (47%), Kitaeji (37%), Kurouchi (16%)
Double (65%), Single (35%)
Wa (92%), Yo (8%)
Top 5 knives:
Gyuto (145), Yanagiba (54), Nakiri (34), Petty (34), Deba (32)
Sales Outlets:
KKF (62%), 3rd (38%

Shigefusa Pricing

I recently passed the 400 recorded Shigefusa knife sales in my database; I thought it's time for an update and provide you with several interesting pricing stats. The first disclaimer, these are sales that are publicly available, either from sources like KKF, social media, known resellers or private transactions which communicated to me. If you come across a sale, let me know and I will record the item in my data base.

What's my Shig worth?

What's my Shig worth?

I do not have a definite answer for you, though these box plots should give you a good idea of the recorded price ranges for the finish and handle combination of a knife.

How to read this graph? Y-Axis represents USD$ per mm, while the X-Axis represent the different finishes, with (S) Single bevel, (D) Double Bevel and a separate category for (Yo) Handles.

An example, you are planning to sell a kasumi deba, 180mm. Since, the knife is single bevel (s), use the "Kasumi (s)" boxplot. The median, the blue dot, is roughly at $2.80/mm, pricing the knife at $500 USD ($2.8x180mm)

Another aspect to note are the large upper ranges of the box plots. Looking into more detail, these can be attributed to relatively rare knives commanding a high price, i.e. kasumi fugubiki, yo handled kasumi gyuto, kitaeji hamokiri, etc.

Price Development

Price Development

If one takes the $/mm approach, it's clear there is an upwards pricing trend. However, a high variability in sales price exists as this graph shows. The graph represents $/mm vs. a time stamp for kitaeji Shigefusa knives only, both single and double bevel, Wa handle only.

I do need to note that the increase observed is largely driven by the demand of kitaeji gyuto knives.

Annual Development

Development by Year

In essence the same graph as above, normalized to a single $/mm price point.

Where is this market going? When will the bubble burst? Two questions I receive often in my mailbox and the answer is, 'I do not know." With great frequency previous sales records are broken, while truly unique pieces will continue to fetch a high price.

In closing, if you like to get an estimate for your knife, or get a sanity check of previous sales of a particular knife, drop me a line! Happy to help out.